Defeating, or at least managing climate change, is like solving a Rubik’s Cube. You have to solve all sides at once. This means implementing solutions for green energy, carbon capture, and modifying our economic model to generate more green jobs and industries. Click the link on the video for a two-minute description of our solutions.

There’s more good news too. As I write in the book, most of the science and technology we need already exists. It’s a question of implementation at scale. We also need a new approach to the economics of climate change and the book covers that too. You can download a free chapter from The Age of Sustainability on this site. Or get a paperback or ebook from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Sustainability is the #1 focus of the climate movement and essential to building a resilient world. Finding new energy sources to replace fossil fuels and supporting ecosystem services will build a world that can support the 10 billion souls who will be here at mid-century.

View a sample chapter from
The Age of Sustainability: Addressing the Challenges


Whether you call it the Green New Deal or anything else, solving climate and related issues is like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Watch the trailer to see how it all fits together and get your copy of the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite eBook seller.

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