Climate pessimism off the mark

October 18, 2017 by Denis Pombriant

Mary Barra, CEO, GM

Time to focus on abundant solutions rather than the problem says Beagle Research chief, Denis Pombriant

October 18, 2017, Stoughton, MA—The decades-old climate debate has settled into an all too familiar rut and climate writer Denis Pombriant author of “The Age of Sustainability” thinks it’s time to move off the stale argument to examine solutions. “We’re wasting time and effort arguing about the origins of the problem or even whether or not it exists,” Pombriant said today. “Instead we ought to be investigating all of the potential solutions that are coming to market.”

With the announcements from Ford and GM over the last month that they would introduce nearly 40 new electric car models within the next few years, the free market is providing an unmistakable signal to the economy that climate change is being taken seriously.

“What’s interesting about this signal,” said Pombriant, “is that it’s independent of government action and a clear sign that industry and business have found ways to profit from serving the new demand for sustainability.” Profits are possible because disruptive innovations in energy production, battery technology, computer networks and artificial intelligence are sweeping through the economy and creating new industries and opportunities. “We’re seeing new jobs opening up in these sectors, and there’s no end in sight,” Pombriant noted.

Beagle Research forecasts these events as the beginning of a long economic cycle similar to the invention of the silicon chip, which powered the high tech era. “We’re on track to start a new economic age that will help define the 21st century and the US has a great chance of leading the way,” Pombriant concluded.


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