Beagle Research Sees Long-Term Economic Cycle Starting

October 16, 2017 by Denis Pombriant

AKA a K-wave forecasting an economic boom that could last 30 years.

October 13, 2017, Stoughton, MA—Beagle Research Group, LLC announced today the beginning of a new economic cycle or K-wave oriented toward sustainability and environmental protection. This is the sixth K-wave to form in the capitalist system since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Long economic waves typically last 50 to 60 years and become the major drivers of whole economies. “The current K-wave, which we believe is ending formed in the early 1970’s fostering the high tech boom in information and telecommunications that reverberates today,” said Denis Pombriant, managing principal, Beagle Research Group, LLC.

Pinpointing the beginning or end of a K-wave is not an exact science but these movements usually coincide with disruptive technological innovations that sweep through economies and become the major economic drivers of their time. “There was an Age of Steam and Railroads,” said Pombriant, “and an Age of Information and Telecommunications that was kicked off by the invention of the silicon chip. We believe the next age will be about stabilizing the planet’s climate and ecosystems.”

The first part of a K-wave usually involves infrastructure development and creation of new industries as well as the jobs in them. For example, railroads took a long time to build and created jobs in railway construction, maintenance, equipment manufacturing, and services from conductors and engineers to service workers along a railroad’s path. Railroads also transformed society much as the computer has today.

In the age of sustainability there are already more jobs in renewable energy than in coal by a factor of more than 2 to 1 according to the US Department of Energy. “These jobs for the most part don’t require a college degree and pay well, two prerequisites for a K-wave,” said Pombriant. “Disruptive technologies in renewable energy and electric vehicles form the basis of the new K-wave and advances in carbon capture research to clean the environment are on the horizon,” said Pombriant. “We’re also at the end of a long boom in fossil fuels and need to transition to alternatives by mid-century. That’s why we’re so bullish on this new K-wave,” he said.


Pombriant is the author of “The Age of Sustainability” which describes the history of K-waves in western economies and makes the case for the new K-wave forming. “The Age of Sustainability,” is available on Amazon in soft cover and eBook formats. Pombriant is a graduate of The College of the Holy Cross. More information can be found at

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