Change and the New Energy Paradigm

September 26, 2017 by Denis Pombriant

One of the hardest parts of change is, well, change. That’s not circular reasoning either, changing something about your life takes a bit if courage because you might be encountering something you haven’t before. Change also requires an amount of trust that things have been thought through and we’ll all come out fine on the other side. But not blind trust. This is particularly difficult when dealing with climate change. We are in a moment when we feel queasy about doing nothing, but stepping off into what looks like an unknown is rather scary in its own right too.

Just thinking about some aspects of fixing the problem is hard because most of us don’t know enough about it. Energy from the sun and wind? Driving without gasoline? How do I heat my home in the winter, cook, and get hot water? What’s this all going to cost?

These and many other questions are fair and they all have answers though you’ll likely want to avoid binge reading this site because it can be a lot to internalize. But rest assured that not only is changing our energy paradigm possible, it will lead to economic growth and new jobs in new industries. But also, we need to remain aware that fossil fuels are running out and change is going to happen. Will it be beneficial or not?


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